2018-11-07 TobiasMany changes from 2018 master
2017-10-24 TobiasLinux Git
2017-10-24 Tobias MüllerNew I2C devices
2017-05-18 TobiasDS2423 FHEM LEDs
2017-04-13 TobiasClean Simple Counter DS2423
2017-04-07 Tobias4MHz - Some New double Double Devices
2017-02-23 Tobiasadd SHT3X support / new smaller SHT2X (V2)
2017-02-18 TobiasRemove double
2017-02-18 TobiasRename
2017-02-18 TobiasMakefiles for Linux
2017-02-17 TobiasRemove tools - Create extra repository
2017-02-17 TobiasChange from 16 to 24 Byte Config Code
2017-01-25 TobiasSave minor changes befor change the count of the info...
2016-11-29 TobiasCRC16 correctur by get Info (0x85)
2016-11-23 TobiasHDC1080 support
2016-11-23 Tobias MüllerNew Devices
2016-07-13 Tobias MüllerSome small changes,
2016-06-16 TobiasMakefile for Linux in DS18B20_VOC_DS2438_SHT
2016-06-16 TobiasVOC Optimation
2016-05-01 Tobias- OWINIT save Register used in C
2016-02-09 Tobias- New Device compinations
2015-10-23 TobiasVOC, Programmer with 4MHz (posible)
2015-10-15 Tobiassame .S files for same device in common folder
2015-10-15 TobiasChange Slave sends '0' during convert prozess on all...
2015-10-07 TobiasNew Dual with BMP280 and SHT
2015-10-01 Tobias*** SET 1-Wire Flasher Address from 0x0EE0 to 0x0EC0...
2015-09-28 TobiasConfig Bytes Part II
2015-09-24 TobiasRename Files of different Devices
2015-09-22 TobiasChange Time Values so it works for all Adapters
2015-09-18 TobiasHandle Overflow of Timer by Reset dedection (Problem...
2015-09-17 TobiasFirst Commit